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Ball picker Herr Robot

07.07.2019by admin

Have you ever thought about optimizing driving range?

Do you know how much time and money you spend collecting golf balls? Do you know how many golf balls gets damaged in modern day golf ball collectors?

Herrobot is a great single solution for all those questions. You simply set the driving range and your autonomous assistant will take all your golf balls into the washing machine.

Works with GPS, has 10 different sensors and computer vision.

Herr Robot avoids obstacles, builds up a map of the field and doesn`t require low current cable. All you gotta do is set GPS.

This robot doesn`t require any adjustments, reprogramming or additional purchases. It can get aholdof up to 12 000 golf balls a day 24/7! For a reasonable price you get absolutely autonomous golf ball collector with vast driving range.

24/7 autonomous operation gives you more time to deal with issues that actually require your attention.

It’s a golf club manager’s dream.

Our robotic ball picker are packed with everything they need to make your job easier.

The self-driving, self-charging, totally self-sufficient

And with a range of advanced automation, guidance and safety features, you can fit it around your schedule so you don’t have to worry about who’s handling the job when you’re off-site – because it’s already done.