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About us

Are you ready for the most advanced technologies to make your club more effective?
Herr Robot

About us

The company Herr Robot was established in 2018. The main goal of Herr Robot is to significantly reduce driving range equipment costs, increase productivity of golf club staff.
Herr Robot production includes the development of mechatronics, electronics and software, manufacturing of robot components and its complete assembly.


Fully autonomous robot

Herr Robot automates the collection of golf balls on the driving range.

Maintenance services

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New York: (+1) 929 322-8650
Hamburg:+49 170 588-3048
Moscow:+7 926 703 1561

Looking for a robotic ball picker?

Herr Robot

We develop hardware and software. We use open-source solutions and our own experience. We could order some parts from suppliers, but the final assembly and testing are carried out independently.

Herr Robot robots work in places of high concentration of people. The robot performs real tasks of the employee and special equipment. Herr Robot improves the maintenance process by replacing or supplementing the person in the task of collecting and delivering balls.

The autonomous driving range

Herr Robot golf ball collector is a real innovation for golf courses. Everything is fully automated. Robot of large areas independently collects golf balls. Once its basket is full or his battery level is low, itgoes to the ball unloading station on its own, where the balls are transferred to the washing and storage system.

At the charging station, the robot automatically charges the battery. Golf ball picker don’t push golf balls into the ground because they are lighter than conventional mowers or ball collecting devices.

At the same time, robotic lawn mower Herr Robot Range Mower can mow the lawn. Golf balls will not be damaged because the robot lawn mowers are equipped with special pads. Together as a team, the perfect symbiosis – ball collector and lawn mower-robot on the driving range. Everything happens autonomously, employees can perform other tasks. You can control robots and monitor their status through a computer or smartphone.




Looking for a robotic ball picker?