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In the world of 34,000 golf clubs, each spends a minimum of $ 1,500/month to collect balls. This market costs over $600M /year.

Robotics is one of the most promising areas of business. Today’s robots are used in a variety of industries: medicine, industry and even in everyday life. Did you know that every fifth vacuum cleaner in the world is a robotic?

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Although the household and industrial robotics markets have already been formed and occupied, the market for service robotics is almost untouched.

You don’t need to invent your own robot to join the high-tech business. Herr Robot robots are in demand for buying and renting and it can be a source of your income. The average daily rental price for Herr Robot per month is $ 500.

So you can buy a ready-made robot and you don’t need any knowledge in programming and engineering. You can rent it out and be involved in an emerging market.