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Blog - Robotic ball picker for the driving range. Golf ball collector

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Have you ever thought about optimizing driving range?

Do you know how much time and money you spend collecting golf balls? Do you know how many golf balls gets damaged in modern day golf ball collectors?

Herrobot is a great single solution for all those questions. You simply set the driving range and your autonomous assistant will take all your golf balls into the washing machine.

Works with GPS, has 10 different sensors and computer vision.

Herr Robot avoids obstacles, builds up a map of the field and doesn`t require low current cable. All you gotta do is set GPS.

This robot doesn`t require any adjustments, reprogramming or additional purchases. It can get aholdof up to 12 000 golf balls a day 24/7! For a reasonable price you get absolutely autonomous golf ball collector with vast driving range.

24/7 autonomous operation gives you more time to deal with issues that actually require your attention.

It’s a golf club manager’s dream.

Our robotic ball picker are packed with everything they need to make your job easier.

The self-driving, self-charging, totally self-sufficient

And with a range of advanced automation, guidance and safety features, you can fit it around your schedule so you don’t have to worry about who’s handling the job when you’re off-site – because it’s already done.


Are you ready for the most advanced technologies to make your club more effective?

We have been developing and testing our product for a year. We have worked our robot perfectly and began to deliver it to the clubs.

Herr-robot walks the driving range 4 times a day, brings and unloads balls, charges autonomously and does not require complex configuration.

If your club is keen on innovations, you dynamically develop and at the same time you are able to count money, our robot perfectly suits you.

You can participate in customer development. All your wishes will be heard, the best are included in the product.

The robot never asks for an increase in wages, robots don’t have trade unions and they pay off very quickly.

Click here, leave your contacts.


To test the body for resistance to impact, we asked the players on the range to aim at the robot, so the idea of mini-tournaments was born. Participants must hit the ball into a moving robot. The one who hit it the most times gets a cup and a memorable gift.

We hold tournaments in different clubs. We can do it at your club. Leave a request.


Golf ball collecting robot with a vast driving range. Sounds cool?
Are you ready to make your golf club even more effective by applying modern technologies?
It’s been a year since we started developing our product. We`ve applied some pretty cool
features and started selling.
Herr-robot does 4 driving range spins a day. It`s absolutely autonomous and does not
require any kind of intricate setup.
If you`re a modern kind of club that supports innovation and growth and you know the value
for money, then our robot is exactly what you`ve been looking for!
We have orders coming up all the time. We are pretty much booked for the next two month.
The thing is, we need early adopters from USA.
Those who will decide to stick with us all the way will get exclusive offers, topnotch service
and a big discount.
Become a part of our customer development process. We`d like to hear out your feedback
and improve our product as much as we can!
Robots don`t need salary. They never protest and the pay off won`t take long!
Click here to leave your info and we`ll get back to you shortly!